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#1 SYNERGYGAMING.NET |2x NOOB WELCOME| Solo/Duo/Trio/Quad Server Image
#1 SYNERGYGAMING.NET |2x NOOB WELCOME| Solo/Duo/Trio/Quad Synergy Map Generator
4 / 130 players
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#2 SYNERGYGAMING.NET |Loot 2X| DUO/TRIO |WEEKLY|WIPED! 03/16 Synergy Map Generator
2 / 100 players
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#3 SYNERGYGAMING.NET 2x | NO TEAM LIMIT | JUST WIPED! 03/16 Synergy Map Generator
3 / 100 players
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➤ 1.01 - English only in Global chat.
➤ 1.02 - Do not advertise anything, anywhere.
➤ 1.03 - Spamming in-game will get you muted.
➤ 1.04 - Recruiting players for other servers will be a permanent ban.
➤ 1.05 - Staff impersonation is strictly prohibited.
➤ 1.06 - We have zero tolerance for any form of racism, bigotry, or terrorism.
➤ 1.07 - There will always be trash talk going on, however, that does not mean you get to leave all of your morals at the door. Use common sense and do not go after players or admins with personal attacks.
➤ 1.08 - Constantly calling out suspected teamers or cheaters will result in you being muted. Open a ticket.
➤ 1.09 - Consistent triggers on our security plugins will result in a permanent ban.
➤ 1.10 - Players who attract excessive F7 cheat reports and support tickets may be banned as a problem player, especially if our security plugins are triggered or if they have any VAC or other Game Bans.
➤ 1.11 - Players using exploits to gain an unfair advantage may be banned.
➤ 1.12 - Steam or discord names that are deemed offensive may be kicked or banned.
➤ 1.13 - No member is to self-promote any other discord server to any Synergy Gaming members.
➤ 1.14 - Legit reasons to ban include playing on alt accounts and wasting admin time with false reports or needlessly harassing other players for hours on end.

➤ 2.01 - Maximum team limit is in the servers name, with NO exceptions.
➤ 2.02 - Do not Raid, Defend, or Roam with players from other teams. Offline & steam/discord friends are asked to build a couple of grids away from each other.
➤ 2.03 - Countering is allowed in all circumstances, however, if you are exploiting this to team with your neighbors by defending their base this could result in a ban.
➤ 2.04 - Players are encouraged to trade in safe zones or use drones so they don not instigate time-consuming reports of teaming that could result in a ban.
➤ 2.05 - No teaming or alliances AT ALL. Teaming = raiding, roaming, gathering, PVP, or doing monuments with anyone outside your team.
➤ 2.06 - Changing Teammates is allowed ONLY a maximum of 2 Times in a wipe any more requires a ticket in 🔔︱staff-support on our discord

1. Synergy Gaming will label a player who is a noob with under 100 Hours and no basic concept/understanding of game mechanics.
2. Experienced players who are playing under an alternate account with under 100 hours to pretend/smurf in our server would result in a permanent ban.
3. Experienced players with over 500 Hours that are taking advantage of the players who are learning (Noobs) will receive a warning to focus more on the relaxed side of gameplay rather than the hardcore aspect if you are spoken to the 2nd time it will result in a ban. Friendly tip everyone is here to learn or teach not to be competitive.
4. The raiding of primitive-style bases (smaller bases/Wood bases) will not be tolerated, these players are players getting started; we encourage new players to get started here and not be afraid to play on our servers.
5. There will be NO pretending to help a new player only to inside raid/lure them into trusting you.
6. Any player who goes to a contested objective will not be considered a noob.
7. Denying a player access to their base during a raid is acceptable however after the raid is complete the doors must be removed. Tool Cupboard (Base Privilege) griefing is NOT ALLOWED in any circumstance.
8. Players trying to bend the rules to suit their circumstances will be banned at the Admins discretion.

⚠️PLEASE READ Staff will use their best judgment based on our guidelines of punishments of which rules you break BUT we do not need to follow your level of fairness, please respect the rules and understand all decisions whats final, is final thank you!⚠️
By playing our servers you agree to this, We use detailed guidlines to make sure all punishments are fair and we do not need to provide explanations. If you were banned please fill out an appeal on our discord.


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